Is PartnerPublishers™ the Right Fit For You?

Basically, there are three ways to get a book in print. One is through the regular channels, i.e. the standard professional way. A major publisher accepts your manuscript, sends you a book contract (often along with a cash advance against royalties) and pays for all of the costs incurred to get the book edited, designed, typeset, printed, advertised, marketed, and distributed.

Obviously, this is the preferred way that all of us would like to be published. This is only done for books the publisher feels confident he can sell well, because it takes a significant amount of money to get the book into the retail market. And increasingly, publishers are unwilling to take any risks on new authors. This, of course, puts new authors at a big disadvantage.

The second way is just to have a printer print copies after you are personally satisfied that the manuscript says what you want it to say. Often called "self-publishing" or "vanity publishing," this is undoubtedly the least expensive way to "publish" a book. You then distribute copies to your constituents, charge them what you want, and it is done. There are hundreds of companies that specialize in self-publishing. Just type "self publishing" when searching the web and you will find hundreds of companies who do this for anyone who can write the check. Thousands of books are "self-published" in this way all the time. Newer technologies (called Print on Demand or POD) allow books to be printed one at a time, as ordered or needed. The two problems facing most authors with self or vanity publishing is: 1) the book still needs professional editing, typesetting, and cover design to be seen in a highly competitive book marketplace; and 2) your book needs an effective marketing and distribution system to deliver to places where it can be found by potential readers. Most POD and vanity publishers will tell you they have such a system, but in reality they sell very few books on behalf of their authors.

The third way is the PartnerPublishers™ way. While most major publishers will not take risks on new authors, we feel there are many writers who have something significant to say but for various reasons do not receive a contract from other full-service publishers. PartnerPublishers™ is a full-service publisher, but we also feel that finding new authors and helping them launch their writing ministry is our niche. Most authors know that if their book is successful, it requires a professionally edited manuscript with a good title and an award-winning cover design. We know that new authors dream of having a chance to succeed beyond their own sphere of influence. This is the kind of author we can help.

That does not mean we accept all manuscripts. We know that only quality manuscripts have a chance to sell, and since we need to make a profit from the sale of your book through our retail distribution efforts, we must limit our acceptance to quality manuscripts that we feel have a strong chance to succeed.

In our partnership, we like to work with new authors who have a constituency to distribute books direct. By partnering with the author, we can provide the professional services he/she needs while sharing the risk. The way we "share the risk" is by asking the author to purchase a pre-determined number of books for his/her own distribution at a discount off the retail price. The discounted price we offer, while substantially less than the retail price of the book, is more than just the cost of printing. It helps to cover all of the other costs including editing, cover design, pre-press typesetting, marketing, advertising, and overhead. We pay for all of the above as part of the expense. The more books the author orders, the bigger the discount he/she receives. In this partnership arrangement, we ask the author to order a minimum of 1000 copies or more at the time of the original printing to help defray the upfront costs of publishing a book.

The discount we offer is on a sliding scale, depending on the number of books the author agrees to purchase with the initial printing. It ranges from 30% to 75% off retail depending on quantity. See our discount schedule for more information.

But we also know that our partnership program is not a good fit for every author. If you do not have a way to sell your copies (churches, speaking, seminars, personal website, etc.) then this may not be a good fit for you. The last thing we want if for an author to end up with boxes of books they cannot sell. While we will do our best to try to make your book succeed, there is no guarantee that your book will sell well in the retail trade.

We hope this helps you understand how we work so that you can decide if you should take the next step by submitting your proposal to our editorial team for review.

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