Creating a Good Book Requires a Great Team!
  1. It starts with a talented author. Good books start with a manuscript that has excellent content and a crisp, clear writing style. Because you were most likely referred to us by a major publisher, we will give your proposal careful consideration. We will give you honest feedback on whether your book has what it takes to succeed.
  2. Professional Editing. Often, as authors, we get so consumed with our manuscript that we fail to view it objectively. A good manuscript still needs a professional editor to make it really good. Sanford Communications has nine people on staff, including a top notch editorial team. The team has worked on more than 270 books and Bible projects, with 10 million copies in print in 36 languages (including a number of ECPA award finalists and winners).
  3. Award winning cover designs. Many books go unread because the reader was never enticed to pick up the book. A compelling cover is essential to success. Have you ever heard the old saying: "Never judge a book by its cover"? That may be true when referring to people, but in publishing, the saying goes: "Books are only as good as their covers." We use award winning free-lance cover designers specifically selected for the unique message of each book.
  4. Powerful distribution. Even the best books need proper marketing and sales. Without someone marketing and selling your book, it will never get the distribution it needs. Our sales team is one of the most experienced, effective and powerful in the industry. All of our books are distributed through STL, one of the largest book distributors in America.

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"What Else Should I Know?"

You should know the people you are working with. They should be people with publishing experience. The people you work with must have the contacts and background to make your book succeed ... people who understand you as an author. Bill and Nancie Carmichael have a wealth of experience in publishing. But even more important, they have a passion to make sure each author and each book gets the individual attention it deserves. See the Endorsements from Authors who have worked with Bill and Nancie Carmichael.