By partnering with the author, we can provide the full range of professional services while sharing the risk. The way we "share the risk" is by asking the author to purchase a pre-determined number of books for his/her own distribution at a discount off the retail price. The cost to the author varies, depending on how many copies of the book the author decides to order. Purchasing a minimum quantity of books is the only financial obligation required on the part of the author in this partnership.

The discounted price we offer, while substantially less than the retail price of the book, is more than just the cost of printing. It helps to cover all of the other costs including editing, cover design, pre-press typesetting, marketing, advertising, and overhead. We pay for all of the above as part of the expense. The more books the author orders, the bigger the discount he/she receives. In this partnership arrangement, we ask the author to order a minimum of 1000 copies or more at the time of the original printing to help defray the upfront costs of publishing a book.

The discount we offer is on a sliding scale, depending on the number of books the author agrees to purchase with the initial printing. It ranges from 30% off for the minimum 1000 copies, and up to 75% off retail for increasing quantities. See our discount schedule for more information. Payment for your copies can either be scheduled in a two or three payment program. The first payment is due as a deposit when signing the author agreement, the last payment due when the books are ready to ship.

We recognize that PartnerPublishers™ is not for everyone. If you do not have a way to sell your copies to your constituency, we do not want you to end up with a garage full of books. If, however, you have a way to sell your own copies (church, seminars, speaking, students, radio, mailing list, website, etc.) and you let us handle all the bookstore retail trade, then VMI may be a fit. Not only will you recoup your entire investment, you will make a minimum thirty-percent return on your investment. The only exclusive rights you grant to VMI are the retail trade. You are still free to sell your own copies anywhere except to bookstores.

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