PartnerPublishers™ works with major Christian publishers who refer authors to us. Most of the authors referred to us have submitted a proposal to the referring publisher, who, for one reason or another, has decided not to publish the author's manuscript at this time. Rejection by a major publisher does not always mean the manuscript is bad. It may mean that it does not fit into the editorial plans of the publisher at this time. Or it may mean that the manuscript needs more polishing and work before being ready to publish.

And that's where PartnerPublishers™ comes in. Our publishing service is based on providing you with all of the help you need to get your book published AND get your book distributed. If your book is selected to be published, you'll be able to see your book in retail bookstores as well as buy back copies at substantial author discounts off the retail price.

We also have an agreement with the referring publisher that if your book takes off and begins to sell well, we notify the referring publisher who is then given the option to pick you back up as one of their authors. They can do this by picking up the rights to the book we published with you or exercising the option to sign a contract with you for your next book. That's why we are sometimes referred to as a "Publisher Farm Team."

While PartnerPublishers™ is a full-service publisher in our own right, we feel our main calling is to mentor new authors and help them get launched. Fewer and fewer new authors are being given the chance to be picked up by major publishers the first time around. There is risk in publishing, and publishing new authors is even more risk. Major publishers benefit from our program by referring promising authors to us, allowing us to mentor them, and then having the option to pick them up again once it is proven that the author's writing can be successful in the retail trade.

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