Answer: In very significant ways!

First, PartnerPublishers™ does not accept every manuscript for publication. Manuscripts are carefully screened…they must demonstrate a talent for writing and they must be of a compelling and relevant subject, having something significant to say. In addition, every author is told that the PartnerPublishers™ method is not for everyone. Since we cannot guarantee that their book will succeed in the retail trade, we advise them that the best guarantee to recoup their initial investment is to have a way to sell their copies (seminars, churches, speaking, websites, some type of constituency). The last thing we want to see is an author end up with a garage full of books they can't sell. This is a part of our initial screening process with every author.

Second, every author works with a professional editor assigned by Sanford Communication, Inc. to shape the manuscript into a professionally acceptable book. SCI already does this on behalf of many leading Christian publishers and best-selling authors. In recent years, it's also successfully launched the publishing careers of many first-time Christian authors.

Third, mainstream cover designers with proven track records are employed to design the cover of each book.

Fourth, a unique and strategically designed marketing program is implemented for each book that we publish.

Fifth, the book is marketed and sold by a 40 member sales team led by industry sales professionals who have worked for major publishers and have many years of sales experience. PartnerPublishers™ has full distribution services with excellent penetration into the retail bookstore trade.

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