First, it gives new authors the mentoring and coaching necessary to hone their skills and learn the basics of becoming a successful author from A (book concept) to Z (published work).

Second, it gives new aspiring authors a chance to be published and have a legitimate shot to succeed and fulfill their dream.

Third, in many ways, it provides a valuable education to the author in writing and publishing. Students pay tuition to go to college. While this is not a college class, the "education" a new author receives carries tremendous value in enhancing their writing career.

Finally, if an author's book has success in initial sales, the referring publisher is notified so they can determine if they want to pick up the title and also exercise an option on the author's next book.

There is no guarantee that a book will sell well (although we try to select manuscripts we think have a good chance), and there is no guarantee that the referring publisher (or any publisher) will eventually pick up the rights to your book, we believe PartnerPublishers™ is the best entry level program available to new authors.

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