1000-1999 copies .... 30% off retail;
2000-2999 copies .... 40% off retail;
3000-3999 copies .... 50% off retail;
4000-4999 copies .... 55% off retail;
5000-7500 copies .... 60% off retail;
7501-9999 copies .... 67% off retail;
10000+ copies .... 75% off retail.

NOTE: The price per book is less when ordering more because the big difference is in the up front initial costs. Once the press is running, the cost is paper and ink. So, for example, if your book were a typical 150-225 page trade paperback that retailed for $12.99, your price would be 30% off of $12.99 if you ordered 1000 copies. If you ordered 5000 copies, your discount would be 60% off of the $12.99 retail price. (And don't overlook the fact that if you sell your copies at retail, you stand to make a substantial profit.)

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