PartnerPublishers™ is pleased to introduce a new and creative approach to publishing.

Many major book publishers routinely refer new authors to us who they feel have some potential, but for one reason or another do not fit into their publishing plans at this time. But the fact that you were referred to us shows some good promise in your manuscript...they believe you may have potential or they would not have sent you here.

In essence, PartnerPublishers™ acts as like a sort of "farm team" for publishers. Some of our authors have gone on to sign publishing contracts with major publishers after beginning their work with us. In fact, we have an agreement with the publisher who referred you to us to refer you back to them if and when your book shows promise. Please take a moment to review the material provided here to more fully understand the concept and to determine if a PartnerPublishers™ relationship is right for you.
Who is behind PartnerPublishers™? A New Niche in Publishing! How is PartnerPublishers™ Different from Self-Publishing? How Does this Benefit the Author? How Much Does This Cost the Author? How Do I Submit My Proposal?

HonestEditing.com -- In addition to the publishing options described on this website, we also provide some added editorial services. These services are provided under the banner of a company called BooksandManuscripts.com, which is a manuscript posting service. They have agreed to use the editorial services of Sanford Communications, Inc. to provide editorial feedback to PartnerPublisher clients. Books&Manuscripts keeps a fee of $99 for providing this service, and the balance is paid to Sanford Communications, Inc. to provide the editorial service. This is an independent evaluation that is frank and fair. For more information on this option, visit www.honestediting.com.